Pet Pedicures

It’s important for your pet’s health to maintain their nails. At Woodland Animal Clinic, we offer pedicure services that keep your pet’s nails clean and trimmed. 


Most animals get a nail trim/pedicure every time they visit the groomers. However, not all animals make it into the pet salon. Some pets bathe in the pond, lake, or swimming pool, some get groomed at home, and some never seem dirty. But do not forget about their toenails. A good pedicure is one of the most important parts of grooming. Pet’s feet and the condition of their nails are critical to their health; when their toenails are not properly maintained, they grow long and brittle. As they grow long and stay that way for an extended period, the quick (meaty pink part) also grows longer. When the nails are long and brittle, they tend to break and tear more easily. Long nails are easily caught on carpet or in thick grass, leading to a bloody torn toenail. This is typically serious, so bring your pet to Woodland Animal Clinic for a pedicure!

Veterinary Services

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